A reflection on my next chapter


I recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine on her podcast discussing career paths and everything we go through to decide who we want to become as professionals. This made me reflect on my career thus far and everything I have been through to be where I am today and what I need to do to keep growing. Working towards a goal to become a successful executive has been an interesting journey for me.  In the midst of the strange year that 2020 was, It has also been a year of reflection as I shape my career as an executive leader while still nurturing my creative side.  

I spent eight years working with Girl Effect / Nike Foundation to empower adolescent girls through media branded platforms. From playing a pivotal role in launching Ni Nyampinga, a leading behaviour change youth brand in Rwanda as a Project Manager, to when I was given an opportunity to lead it as Brand Director.  We worked creatively and tactically to ensure it reaches all girls in Rwanda and relevant communities. We successfully reached   80% awareness across the country and more than 60% of youth consumption. It gave me a great experience as a creative leader and brand director.  

Last two years, however, I decided to pivot my career and join the tech industry as an operator. I was privileged to work with some of the most tech prominent companies in Africa and Rwanda; working with Andela and AC Group, and even implementing a technology solution at the latter that will have a nationwide impact for years to come. Working with AC Group for almost a year and a half, alongside its youthful leader Patrick Buchana, has given me opportunities to understand what it means to work for a tech company with a purpose beyond providing technology solutions. It has also re-energised my belief in young people.

Looking back on all major projects, I managed to accomplish with the team; from company rebranding, launching a new business with 3 million USD investment, and working on very tight deadlines to install  5000 devices to moto riders in 7 days. On my last project, I worked with the team to create payment solutions that support the Rwanda Biomedical Center on COVID-19 test payment. All of this gave me a great experience and made me feel that I was part of a significant movement for changing how Rwandans adopt the use of technology solutions.  

2020 was a year that again convinced people that the power of education would be digital. Today I’m taking a new path to join Africa Management Institute (AMI) as Country Manager. I am more grateful to rejoin the industry of social enterprises. AMI uses the power of technology to enable ambitious businesses across Africa to thrive, through practical tools and training using e-learning platforms. I am excited and look forward to working with an amazing team in the e-learning sector to support Rwandan entrepreneurs and managers to achieve greater goals. 


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